Solaris svrmgrm display -> Linux (TK2-00001 error)

From: Andreas Jung <>
Date: 5 May 1999 05:28:04 GMT
Message-ID: <7gokt4$7vs$>

I'm running Oracle 7.3.3 (Sparc Solaris) and I have some problems redirecting the output of svrmgrm on the X11 server on my PC (Exceed) and on my Linux box. After many tries I succeeded to get svrmgrm running with Exceed by setting the [Quoted] display properties from automatic color to pseudo color. However it is still not possible to get svrmgrm running with XFREE86. I always get an "TK2-00001: an undefined Oracle Toolkit II failure occured " message.

Any idea how I can solve the problem ?

Thanks in advance,

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