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From: sam cappello <>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 23:13:48 -0400
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[Quoted] OK - we've played around with this for a couple of days now, and i'm going to call support in the morning.

   Is it possible to have disabled fields in forms 4.5 not display so dim?

[Quoted] i know this is a strange thing to want to do, and naturally the screens look [Quoted] fine on my PC, but when our software is being demo'd under less than optimal [Quoted] viewing conditions the main complaint is that they can't see the data on our [Quoted] inquiry (query only) screens.

[Quoted] The best answer i can come up with is to enable the field but make it not navigable, insertable, updateable, etc. my latest idea is to do this in the [Quoted] referenced when-new-form-instance code in a library so we don't have to change all the forms, but i haven't run this idea by the programmers yet
[Quoted] (yes, i'm a DBA, and not quite sure why got i involved in this yet :) this
looks OK until the user navigates over with the mouse. A programmer wants to disable mouse navigation to solve this problem, but now we are starting to talk about 20 or so screens full of display only fields that now need hint text and a number of other property changes.

i've tried changing the windows colors, custom visual attributes of the field, font width and weight, foreground and background color, and even looked into Oracle Terminal - but couldn't find the gui attribute for dimmed
[Quoted] (disabled) fields there. the ultimate would be a way to do this without
major changes in all the forms, but i'm open to all suggestions!

If you have an idea could you also cc: ? i'd appreciate it!


Sam Cappello
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