Re: Can Designer Run on a Server?

From: Rakesh Parmar <>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 22:02:16 +0200
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You can perform a network install of Designer 2000, but you need to make changes to your registry and you also need to separate the installation partly on the client and then on the network server. Basically you need to have the bin directory on the client machine and change all the registry settings on the client to point to the network installation. Out of interest however, I have seen problems with organisations getting confused with the registry settings especially once they start using developer 2000 on a network installation as well. Also even with 20 developers on a 100Mbps network can find performance problems because of the overhead of routing access through a single network server. It certainly isn't impossible but it just needs to be tightly controlled.

Debra Upchurch wrote in message <>...
>Our organization is beginning to use Designer and there will be quite a
>few people using it. Presently, we are doing sneakernet to install it
>on each pc. Can Designer run on an NT or Novell server and is it viable
>to do so and then have the users access it from the LAN?
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