plsql date generator, sample code?

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Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 16:40:30 GMT
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Hi all,

I have the need for a pl/sql date generator.

(populate a table so I can later

     fire-off reports on specified dates)

My eventual code will take parms

    to select:

  How many days for in an interval
(I.E: 60, 30, 20, 7...) and whether
     to use calendar or business days;

  Or the user may specify every nth day
    of a month (17th, 1st...),

  Or the 1st Monday (or Tue..Sun) of a

  Eventual dates generated will be
    adjusted to avoid days that land on
    weekends. (I've got a separate table     of holidays so I can avoid them too)     Note: I plan to give users the option     of selecting to adjust dates earlier or     later when avoiding non-business days.

Does anyone know where I could find some

    example code for any of these types
    of date manipulations?
While it's academicly appealing

    to whip-up an elegant algorithm, I'd     like to have a good starting place
    and perhaps some tested code.

If anyone has date routines, references

   to books or web sites with sample code,    I'd really appreciate knowing of it.

Thanks in advance.


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