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Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 14:30:22 GMT
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I think that modifying the parameter isn't a long term solution. If I set it to 1000, then when I hit 1000 should I change it to 2000? We need to fix the root of the problem. I am having the same problem in Reports 2.5 and see no reason why I am getting the max cursors error. There must be some way to close the cursors when the report finishes.

I have been told that select statements (for instance the ones used to create the values in the drop down lists for parameters) count as cursors. Any truth to this?

How can I code my report to assure these cursors get closed? I too use a for loop which is supposed to close the cursor upon completion.

In article <7gjgv2$>,   "Makovinyi Gyo:rgy" <> wrote:
> Ok, I can do that, but how could that cursors remain opened ?
> M.
> Pradhan wrote in message ...
> > Increase the open_cursors parameter value. Also according to oracle
> >"Be generous with the OPEN_CURSORS parameter, especially in an Oracle
> >Forms application environment. This will be show stopper for your
> >application
> >if it is set too low in initialization parameter file."
> >
> >HTH
> >Pradhan
> >mgyuri wrote in message <7gidpv$>...
> >>when i run this program i have "ORA-01000 maximum open cursors exceeded "
> >>(it is 100, defined in initoracl.ora), and I do not understand how could
> it
> >>happend, because as I know the "for loop end loop" cursor handling closes
> >>the cursors automatically, so I can not miss the closing.

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