Re: ora-03121 error

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 15:57:54 +0200
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There's possibly 2 sides here, server and OWS (comments inline)

kikoo wrote:

> Hi,
> im student, and have a graduation project with OWS,
> I've installed Oracle Web Server 3.0 first, then Oracle 8.0.4 (as
> mentionned in Oracle documentation)
> After that i tryed to install the default configuration, Add new DAD,

So, the WebServer does not work...

> startup database,.. nothing works !!

Startup from where - OWS, too, or svrmgr80?

> im really confused, there's always the error ora-03121: no interface
> driver, function can't b performed

Not when creating a DAD, I suppose?

> i've read some answers in newsgroups but no one has worked,
> i installed SQL*Net 2.3, Net8.. but didn't know how to startup a
> database,

Do you have one? It's an option when installing 804 for NT.

> i don't know why "default configuration" doesn't work :(

That's OWS again - not RDBMS

> Can u help me, i'll b very THANKFUL!!!
> Answer me PLEASEEE
> Platform & versions :
> Windows NT 4.0 SP1, Oracle 8.0.4, OWS3.0

Get NT SP3 (_not_ SP4!), and install it. If you have OWS, get a patch - there's a problem in the WRB - don't have
the bug# here.

OK - check if all services are up; for OWS you'll need something like OracleWWWListenerAdmin and
OracleWWWListenerwebsvr, plus a lot more. If the Admin one is not running, you cannot do
any administrative tasks like Default install, Create DAD, etc. You should also indentify what port you're using, default is 9999 for the admin tasks. Try:
http://your_machine_name.your.domain:9999 - that should get you to the admin pages.

Met vriendelijke groet,
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