How do we call Pro C from the command line

From: Eugene Katzman <>
Date: 4 May 1999 13:11:32 GMT
Message-ID: <01be962f$7e290780$987769ce_at_katzmae>

[Quoted] With standard C programming either we or the make file executes a cc call, what is the equivalent with pro C. what executable is called, what is the Oracle Library that we use in the link call to resolve the oracle specific actions, what about special include files that we might require. I did RTFM and couldn't find reference to these items in the installation documentation from Oracle, or in the Oracle Programming Primer that I purchased recently. The Primer explains the command sequences and data definitions but not these very basic items. Received on Tue May 04 1999 - 15:11:32 CEST

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