ora-03121 error

From: kikoo <net2000_at_francemel.com>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 23:56:08 GMT
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[Quoted] im student, and have a graduation project with OWS,

I've installed Oracle Web Server 3.0 first, then Oracle 8.0.4 (as mentionned in Oracle documentation)
After that i tryed to install the default configuration, Add new DAD, [Quoted] startup database,.. nothing works !!
[Quoted] im really confused, there's always the error ora-03121: no interface driver, function can't b performed
[Quoted] i've read some answers in newsgroups but no one has worked, i installed SQL*Net 2.3, Net8.. but didn't know how to startup a database,
[Quoted] i don't know why "default configuration" doesn't work :(

Can u help me, i'll b very THANKFUL!!!
Answer me PLEASEEE

Platform & versions :
[Quoted] Windows NT 4.0 SP1, Oracle 8.0.4, OWS3.0

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