Need Help Modifying standard form and then compiling?

Date: 3 May 1999 22:25:41 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I want to modify a standard form. I pulled over the .fmb file, made a modification and then tried to use the Forms Generate program to create the exe file for the form. Tons of errors were reported when Forms Generate compiled the form. I then just tried to use Forms Generate to create an .exe file for the standard form without touching any code or anything of the form. I still got the same errors. The majority of the errors are like "Item location places it off the canvas" . I can go to the item and shift it around to make it get passed that error but only to get another one. I would think that because the form works in the application with no problem, Forms Generate should be able to compile it with no problem...this obviously isn't the case. Is there another way to go about making a modification to a standard form? Why does the form have so many compilation errors when it works fine in the application? There must be a better way. Received on Tue May 04 1999 - 00:25:41 CEST

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