Re: Help: what is the max length for an index field?

From: Thomas Kyte <>
Date: 1998/11/19
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>Can somesome tell me what is the max length for an indexed field? Is there a
>shorter limit on the length of an index key? For example, can I make a table
>with a 4000 byte varchar2 field and then create an index on that field?

the size of an index entry is a function of the block size. For example, I have an 8k block and therefore

SQL> create table foo ( x varchar2(4000) );

Table created.

SQL> create index foo_idx on foo(x);
create index foo_idx on foo(x)


ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01450: maximum key length (3218) exceeded

The max key length is a little less then half the block size. (so a 2k block size would give you a smaller max key length)

Why would you index a varchar2(4000)?? isn't that a little large....

>Please help. Thanks!!
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