Reading records in a multi-threaded environment..

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Date: 1998/11/19
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I am trying to read rows from a table from different threads simutaniously. Each thread should get a different row based on some id, say, max(timestamp, begins a transaction, does some work and commits the transaction. How do I prevent other threads from reading the same thread or from blocking on read while one thread is processing a row?

Sample table 'X' looks like: (id char(10) not null, count int not null)

and there are 100 rows with counts from 1-100;

Each thread's code looks like:

begin transaction
read a row with max(count);
hold lock on max(count);
do some work;
delete the row;
commit transaction

Ideally, first thread should get hold of row with count = 100, second with count = 99 etc.. *simultaniously*.

Thanks for your time.

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