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From: Noah Wollowick <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 17:05:33 -0500
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[Quoted] I have a couple of questions i was hoping that someone could help me with!

  1. Using format masks, i was hoping to use the 'V' symbol to divide by 100, i.e. to display 834.4 for a value of 834,400. So far, it seems that the 'V' symbol can only be used to multiply by 1000, not divide;

Any suggestions or advice? If we can't do it using the 'V' symbol, then we will embed a divide by 1000 within the SQL, but we don't want to do this if possible.

[Quoted] 2) On PAGE BREAKS: We are trying to develop a retail-industry report in which we report numerical values for a merchandise-hierarchy driven information (i.e. Dept/Class/Subclass)... WE are trying to Page Break based on department by following the Oracle Reports help instructions, and are having some difficulty. Does anyone have insight on this?

Thanks for any help,
Noah Wollowick
IT Consultant
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