Oracle Enterprise Manager

From: <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 18:27:55 GMT
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  Hi. I am tring to setup the Oracle Enterprise Manager on an NT box. I have having problems. I understand that an Oracle Intelligent Agent must be setup before using the Enterpise Manager. To install the Agent one needs SNMP. My NT box did not have SNMP installed. (Installed SNMP) My confusions is Configuration SNMP for Oracle. According to the Oracle SNMP Support Reference Guide, I need to modify the master.cfg file located in the ORACLE_HOME\PEER\ADMIN directory. I do not have this directory or configuration file by that name. (I thought may be Oracle Installer did not install "all" of the Manager because SNMP was not installed, So I reinstalled the Enterpise Manager.) I am at a lost. Can some please point me the the correct place? Thank You Randy

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