Re: Problems with Developer 20000 2.1

From: Robin Quasebarth <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 08:59:28 +0000
Message-ID: <>

  1. Are you sure your Registry on the client machine has everything it needs in its REPORTS related paths.
  2. Have correctly mapped your servers according to what that local Registry calls for as the letter mapping of the drive that has the ORANT stuff on it?
  3. Are you sure if you have ORANT on more than one server that you did a COMPLETE install regarding Developer 2000?

By the way, Registries truly are Hall-of-Shamers! Can you imagine what a cluge of a world it would be if B.Gates/Microsoft really did take over!?! Ok, I feel better now. Back to work on my clugey NT macine! rq

G.G. wrote:

> We have a problem with Oracle Developer 2000 ver.2.1, in particular with
> Report Builder /
> Runtime ver.
> We have compiled (generated .rep) some report connecting to an Oracle server
> 8.0.4 by sqlnet
> (server NT 4.0, language of Oracle server=English,language of Oracle
> Developer=English,Sid=B,
> Schema=Marte) and all reports work using the runtime connected with the same
> Oracle server of the
> compilation. But using the Runtime connected with other Oracle Servers (the
> same configuration
> of before but with different SIDS) they don't work: there aren't any Oracle
> errors
> but the actions of the background server report give this error message:
> REP-0002 Unable to retrieve a string from the report builder message file.
> If we compile again the reports with another Oracle server they work with
> this server but
> not with others (neither with that server which worked before).
> Looking forward to hearing you, best regards.
> Gianpaolo Giliberto -
Received on Thu Nov 19 1998 - 09:59:28 CET

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