Designer: web apps, server validation of bulk data?

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Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 14:26:15 GMT
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[Quoted] If I have a data entry form, implemented by using PL/SQL to write HTML, I can do simple validation with Javascript. Fair enough.

If a field (eg product number) has to be validated against many thousand possibilities of course I need to validate the form on submission. If it's invalid the user is prompted to try again.

Fair enough if I'm coding by hand, I'm OK there. What if I'm using Designer? I'm very, very new to Designer 2.1 and don't understand how this fits in with its navigation model.

Do I use a pseudo PL/SQL custom event (Validate) bound to the Input Form? I assume that fires on form submission. If the validation fails, what does that server-side handler do? I suppose I want the Insert Form to appear, populated with what the user entered except for the part number, and with an error message saying what happened. Can Designer do this? What do I put in the Validate PL/SQL - do I send a HTTP redirect back to the insert form?

Can someone explain the sequence of events and where the code goes?

Any better strategies are also welcome!

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