Re: Forms Question : How to avoid IN operator in the WHERE CLAUSE

From: Marc Billiet <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 07:40:13 +0100
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I think the following should work (if the base table of your block is Table1):

where exists (select 1 from Table2 where Table2.col2 = Table1.col1 and Table2.col2 like 'XYZ')

Another solution is to base your block on a view, eventually with a packaged variable representing the value of 'XYZ'.


"Madhu Cherukuri" wrote in message ...
>Does any body has some ideas about this question?
>I have a where clause which uses a sub-query and
>IN operator to perform the main query.
>Thsi is causing Full Table scan and I want to
>avoid it. Is there any workaround for this in the
>Forms?(Forms 4.5)
>Where clause is like this
>where col1 IN (select col2 from Table2 where col2 like 'XYZ')
>Col1 is from another table and has a relationship with col2 of Table2
>Thanks in advance
>Madhu Cherukuri
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