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From: Ken Halsted <>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 22:46:21 -0600
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Thanks Shawn.  I appreciate the input.
Shawn Baker wrote in message <>...

Use of Oracle Reports in an Oracle shop is not uncommon, although some companies do use other tools such as SQR or Crystal Reports.

I work at Solar Turbines, a subsidiary of Caterpillar. We use Reports. In San Diego, there are certainly other large companies I'm aware of which do also.

My sense is there is growth occurring also. For a variety of reasons, companies have delayed porting older apps from SQL*Forms 3.0 and SQL*ReportWriter 1.1, but migration to Developer/2000 now seems to be hitting a critical mass.

-- Shawn

Ken Halsted wrote:

Please help me with this survey.

We are a new Oracle Shop with 7.3.4 of the Database and the latest version
of Designer and Developer.  I took the Oracle Master's course which is a
joke because I don't feel like a Master, more like a novice but my question
is about Reports v3.0 or earlier.  How many people out there actually use
this or do you use something else.

I've created about 7 reports so far with it and it seems pretty good but I
can't seem to find many people that know anything about it.  Especially when
I call Oracle Support.  It's a joke because I usually end up knowing a lot
more about it than the Oracle support person does.  And in class, they
didn't even go over Reports.  It's a separate course.

Please let me know what you use for generating Reports, if you don't mind,
and why you chose to use it.  Also any other pertinent information would be
greatly appreciated.


Ken Halsted.

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