Re: Enhanced Sorting Order in a Forms45 Block

From: Neville Sweet <>
Date: 16 Nov 1998 03:32:20 GMT
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Hi Josef,

The trick is to write a server-side function, which accepts your base table column 'index' and then selects and returns 'sort_key2'. In your form, simply set your block Order By to the function name instead of a column name.
John C. Lennon wrote an excellent article on this subject, appropriately called "Functional Magic".
Refer to

Buergi Josef <> wrote in article <01be0ee8$95fdeac0$>...
> Hi
> I have a question about sorting:
> There are two tables
> table index_sort_table (indx, sort_key1, sort_key2, sort_key3)
> table data_table (indx, titel, value)
> And I have a Form containing a Block with table DATA_TABLE. How can I set
> the ORDER BY clause in that block
> referencing table INDEX_SORT_TABLE. The key is indx and I like to sort
> sort_key2.
> Anybody does the same and can give me a hint ??'
> Regards, Josef
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