Re: Problem with TEXT in Datatype LONG

From: Roel <>
Date: 1998/11/04
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If you would like to import Ascii text into a single record, maybe this could help.

I had a similar problem before. What I did was, I developed a Forms program for that table, using Notepad I opened the text file that I wished to import, copied all the text onto the clipboard and pasted it on my LONG column. And voila! I was able to place the text into the Long column.


Joerg Reiner wrote in message <>...
>I think I have a really basic problem about
>the ORACLE Data Types specially LONG.
>I want to import ASCII Text into ORACLE LONG-Fields.
>Is there any limitation about the Text Length? As I new there
>can be up to 2^31 Bytes in there.
>But the IMPORT-Tool give an length error message like the following:
>--> Record 3: Rejected - Error on table "UMLSADMIN"."MRDEF1", column DEF.
>--> Field in data file exceeded maximum specified length
>The physical line length at this record is just 546 Characters.
>So my question: What goes wrong there.
>Hope Anybody could help me
>Thanks a lot, Joerg
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