Old Oracle Tools (Mainly SQL Forms 3 and Menu 5)

From: Robert Pritchard <robert_pritchard_at_tertio.com>
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 09:47:34 +0000
Message-ID: <364022B6.FB49F1B5_at_tertio.com>

I am attempting to install a set of old oracle tools for DOS: Oracle Installer V3.
  Oracle Installer Utilities V3.
  Oracle Required Support Files V6.   Oracle Database Utilities V6.   Oracle Database V6.
  SQL*Loader V1.
  SQL*Menu V5.
  SQL*Plus V3.
  SQL*Forms V3.

  Oracle Tools Utilities V1.
  SQL*Net TCP/IP V1.1.7.6C for DOS

However I have no documentation (it got chucked out years ago) and do not seem to be able to get the oracle installer to work. It copies a load of files across then resets the machine and that appears to be that. Whenever I run any of the execuatbles it copied to the c:\dos directory they don't work. Nothing else seems to want to install on it own.

I would welcome any assisstance or if anyone knows where there is documentation for these products available on-line I would appreciate it.
Rob Received on Wed Nov 04 1998 - 10:47:34 CET

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