User Exit Help Needed for Forms 4.5.7 (W95/NT)

From: Larry Newcomb <>
Date: 1997/05/29
Message-ID: <01bc6c84$de0e6720$>#1/1

I recently created my first user exit in SQL*Forms 4.5 and I am having two problems.

  1. The user exit did not "inherit" the form's database connection (when I select from my table using Pro*C, I get ORA -1012 "Not Logged On")
  2. The EXEC TOOLS GET function fails to "populate" the host variable with the data from the form's field. I have verified there is data in the form and that the correct blockname.fieldname was recovered from the argument list.

The server (database) version is (HP-UX 10.20), the Pro*C is version (Programmer 2000). The forms version is Code was compiled using MS Visual C++ version 4.0. Client is Windows95.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone else even using user exits (it seems to be a rare thing these days)?     

Thanks, Larry

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