Reports 2.5 tab delimited file output?

From: <>
Date: 1997/05/27
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[Quoted] I am creating a file as output from Reports 2.5 for input to another product which requires tab delimited fields. I have been unable to get the tab character imbedded in the output. My last attempt was to use the chr function which should return the binary equivalent for a value. It does seem to do this in all other cases, but not for tab. The select was coded like:

SELECT field_1 || chr(09) || field_2 || chr(09) || field_3 "data_record" FROM ... the tabs are replaced with a variable number of spaces to move the field to column 9, 17, 25, etc. This appears to happen in the server, as SQL*Plus and Reports 2.5 are yielding the same result.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Mark

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