Re: MS-Query, SQL-NET problem

From: Fernando Pereira <>
Date: 1997/05/27
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First, is the view sql equal to the query you are trying?

If both queries you are tying are equal, then I think you can spot the problem if you use our tool, TunaSQL. It can be used in any NT or 95 box, with SQLNet. And then it will explain what Oracle is doing in each SQL (including plans and statistics), so you can spot it easily (I hope. if you don't, then tell me why because we may need to add some something to Tuna).

Fernando Pereira ( CardumeSoftware

 Tom Haley wrote in article <01bc6534$6b356f20$
> I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem or not, but I am in
>of some assistance. I am trying to use MS -Query to connect to an oracle
>database and execute a select query. I don't have any trouble connecting
>to the database or attaching to the oracle tables. The problem occurs
>I try to run a query against a "view". When I run the query it either
>takes a very long time to return, or it doesn't come back at all.
>If anyone has found a solution to the problem or a work around, please
>me know.
>Tom Haley
>Information Systems Manager
>Creighton University
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