Re: sqlplus bug

From: Miles Thomas <thomasm_at_"at".logica."dot".com>
Date: 1997/05/22
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On NT, just use the cursor arrow keys.

It works best if you keep you sql on one long line.

srvmgr23 also has it.

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Chuck Hamilton <> wrote in article

> Paul Brewer <> wrote:
> >We're running NT and 95 - not sure about 16 bit.
> >I use plus33.exe exclusively (the line mode version) rather than
> >plus33w. Seems vastly superior in all respects except scrolling
> >backwards - in particular recall and editing of command history.
> >To cancel a query, control c.
> >--
> >Paul Brewer
> Wait a minute. Are you saying sqlplus has a command history? How do
> you access it? Or are you just talking about the about to list and
> edit the last sql command entered?
> --
> Chuck Hamilton
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