URGENT - LOV excess!

From: Angel Perez <cesinsl_at_redestb.es>
Date: 1997/05/20
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[Quoted] Hi all!

  We are in a big hurry to find a solution to our problem: does anyone knows how to limit the number of rows a LOV gets from the database? I mean, we've got an articles table with up to 11000 rows, an when we use a List Of Values to make an order, for example, it takes too much time when retrieving them from the DB. So, we thougth about limiting the number of rows recovered from the DC to 1000 a time, retrieving the others if the user needs them. Is it possible? Are we fools? Is there any other way to implement a LOV and making it really useful?

  We will be very pleased if someone can give us a light!! Many thanks,

  P.D.: We have tried the "Long list" property, but we don't like it, too much technical for an end user...

  P.D.2: Please, answer by e-mail also if possible

  Rafa Flores Yoldi
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