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From: InfoAd - Jurrian Beuker <>
Date: 1997/05/19
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[Quoted] I am Jurrian Beuker from holland. I develop software with Form V3.0 and ReportWriter 1.1. (in Holland) At this moment i'm using designer for the first time, and i have two (small i think for you) questions :

When i have 2 table with a 1 to N relation, and i'm bilding a Form where the first table gets 4 rows and de second (N) 10 rows and i place them om de samen page.
When i navigate to the second (N) block, i can not see with master record belong to these details. If i put the N table on a sepetare page, I can include contect items from the master record.

Is there a way to indicate the record in a block with more than 1 master record with master record is actief if i have moved to the detail records ? (in de same page).

[Quoted] My second question is relatied to validation. in a table i have 3 fields, ID, BEGIN_DATE, END_DATE. all field must be entered. the periode between BEGIN_DATE and END_DATE must be uniek.

suppose i have the records :

	1	1-jan-97		2-mai-97
	1	1-jun-97		20-jun-97

There record are valid.
invalid is

        1 1-mai-97 20-mai-97
Becouse this record have 1 en 2 mai in comment with the first record. the period my not overlap with a oder period with the samen id.

Bye Jurrian

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