Re: problem opening Oracle database from VC++ program

From: kv <>
Date: 1997/05/12
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Try two things
1. OleInitialize() & OleUninitialize() in Init/Exit Instance OR
2. Check for mismatched DLL's. I assume you do know about how MS is goofing off!

If I am way off target -- sorry


Grinnell Almy wrote:
> Hello, world...
> I am having a problem opening an Oracle database from a Visual C++ 4.0
> program using Oracle Objects for OLE 2.1. The database open call
> consistently fails.
> Upon digging through the code, I discovered that one of the things that
> happens when the database open call is made is that an OLE function
> named CoCreateInstance() gets called. It is this function which is
> failing, returning the error message "Error -2147221008 creating
> instance."

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