Re: "Thou shalt use 'Shutdown Abort' whenever you shutdown the database." Makes sense?

Date: 1997/05/07
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  • Sorry, I have to disagree here... :-)
    **We have a shell script which fires of every night without problem to
    **perform our cold backups: It checks for connected Oracle sessions first,
    **and kills off (with the *UNIX kill* command, and *not an Oracle kill
    **session command*) any sessions it finds; it then pauses for 60 seconds,
    **then performs a shutdown immediate. This script has worked fine for 4
    **years on two different sites, both of which were UNIX based (HP-UX and
    **Steve Phelan.

Well, if you disagree... why do you use the KILL command then ? Your text means that you do not trust oracle shutdown command.... otherwise why to kill the unix process to assure a clean shutdown ? You would not do that with a RELIABLE shutdown immediate wouldn't you ?



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