Pro*Cobol program failure HP-UX 10.01

From: A. Wood <"A.>
Date: 1997/05/02
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Pro*Cobol programs fail with oracle errors ORA-00921 or ORA-00936 or ORA-06550 when attempting to execute programs on a machine with two CPU's up.
The programs execute successfully when the machine has only one CPU up. The environment is :
HP K210 running HP-UX 10.01, MicroFocus Cobol 3.2 Pro*Cobol, Oracle 7.2.3.

The K210 was originally installed with only 1 CPU, and later upgraded with a second CPU. No re-installation of Oracle was done. Both CPUs have been replaced, but the problem still exists. The programs were originally compiled with 1 CPU. We tried recompiling the programs with 2 CPUs up, this had no effect.

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