Re: Why Buy Developer/2000 If Own Designer/2000?

From: Keith S. <kshave_at_MBnet.MB.CA>
Date: 1997/05/02
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>> Why should I buy Developer/2000 if I have Designer/2000?
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>> Richard Rosenthal

> Well, the reply I got here in the UK from our Oracle rep. is that
>Designer 2000 does *not* include a license to *deploy*. In other words
>you can design, but not put the application out to your users without
>having first bought Developer 2000.

>I'd be interested in hearing anyone elses stories on this.

        Designer (more than likely) will not produce a form EXACTLY how you want. You will probably need Developer to tweak the form after (at least with version 1.3 of Designer). Do not rely on Designer to perfectly generate forms and menus to your exact specification. There are many limitations.

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