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From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 21:59:12 -0000 (UTC)
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On Mon, 25 Dec 2017 17:56:03 +110, Noons wrote:

+AD4 On 24/12/2017 11:23 +AEA-wiz, Mladen Gogala wrote:
+AD4APgA+ But of course Oracle management will immediately interject and blog
+AD4APgA+ and confirm I am a liar and, of course, a +ACI-bad dba+ACI...
+AD4APg But of course you are. And so was I, while I was a DBA. You will never
+AD4APg become an Oracle Ace or a member of the Oak Table.
+AD4 I had two invites to become an Ace around 10 years ago. Which I
+AD4 promptly refused since I opposed that idiotic definition from day one+ACE
+AD4 As for Oak Table, one of their members invited me to join only to be
+AD4 immediately dismissed by the +ACI-original founders+ACI who have known me for
+AD4 ages without ONCE having met me or talked to me+ACE
+AD4 Of course, I would have refused as well. +ADs)
+AD4 Since Moans and others made it +ACI-known+ACI that no Portuguese could be
+AD4 +ACI-educated+ACI enough to become an +ACI-oakie+ACI, I just spat on the whole thing.
+AD4 And it wasn't just I that did it...

I haven't had any invites, I was probably a bad boy from the start. I wouldn't have accepted anyway, for the same reason as you.

+AD4APg branch of Oracle marketing and what both of us are saying is not the
+AD4APg message that Oracle Corp. wants a +ACI-good DBA+ACI to spread. That was the
+AD4APg essence of my fight with Tanel, who attacked me for calling out BS.
+AD4 Ah yes, Tanel. He attended one of our local DBA nights around 5 years
+AD4 ago only to avoid talking to me and then later apologize by email for
+AD4 not having +ACI-recognized+ACI yours truly... The lesser said about that (and
+AD4 a few other recent joins) the better. I wish them a great future with
+AD4 the dead product they helped to kill.

I have a healthy respect for Tanel. He knows quite a bit about Solaris and was doing interesting things with DTrace. I met him in person, but we have never developed any type of friendship. He jumped on the Hadoop bandwagon and Gluent is quite an interesting company. However, I am not sure that Hadoop has much of a future. It's simply too complex and experienced developers are hard to come by. However, I hope that Tanel will succeed. Companies can change and have changed before. I know of a company which started as a PC Unix reseller and then ended up signing a contract with then mighty IBM about producing OS of some kind of smart terminals. Eventually, the company was a great success and the founder was smart enough to leave it while the company was growing. Now, that was a bit of good luck, but fortune favors the brave.

+AD4APg There is no such thing as +ACI-Oracle data scientist+ACI. Oracle RDBMS is just
+AD4APg a software product, like any other software product, and not a science.
+AD4 Precisely+ACE That +ACI-scientist+ACI nonsense put me off Oak Table and that lot
+AD4 in 5 seconds. Not to mention the beer obsessions of a well known
+AD4 alcoholic +ACI-original founder+ACI...

Oh well...The Oak Table is quite unremarkable. The collaboration resulted in one or two completely unremarkable books. I am not sure what is their purpose anyway.

+AD4APg Oracle is hiding the internal information about the database and is
+AD4APg revealing it to the +ACI-good DBA people+ACI selectively, in hope to make them
+AD4APg into scientists. They are not scientists, by any stretch of
+AD4APg imagination.
+AD4 Yeah, it was quite hilarious when HJ Rogers exposed here in this
+AD4 newsgroup (it's on google groups for any1 to see+ACE) how Scott Adams got
+AD4 the info to write his +ACI-internals+ACI book.

I have had a run-in with Steve Adams on the oracle-l forum after he wrote that book. The book was obviously written with heavy influence of VMS, an OS that was very familiar to me at the time. He was using the terms like AST (+ACI-Asynchronous System Trap+ACI) which are VMS terms. Nobody in the Unix world speaks of asynchronous system traps. The whole book was rather lousy and was quickly forgotten. It was unclear and practically unreadable. As opposed to Cary Millsap's book, Steve's book was very quickly forgotten.

+AD4 Back then I had two +ACI-Aces+ACI claim to my face Scott got all that by
+AD4 +ACI-scientifically analyzing+ACI Oracle. When I rolled on the floor laughing,
+AD4 the whole +ACI-bad dba+ACI thing started.
+AD4 Of course the simple fact he was the main dba (recommended by Oracle who
+AD4 were then hell bent on destroying my consultancy company here) at a very
+AD4 large Aussie customer with access to all release 8 beta source code,
+AD4 could not possibly have had anything to do with it+ACE Perish the
+AD4 thought... And the simple fact he never updated it with release 9 or 10
+AD4 material (out of that contract since then...) is just cloud imagery, of
+AD4 course+ACE
+AD4 :)))
+AD4APg That was very visible in a discussion between Jonathan Lewis and Grant
+AD4APg Fritchey, a renowned SQL Server expert. They were BOTH very competent
+AD4APg engineers and very likable people. You can find the videos on YT. That
+AD4APg is still a joy to watch, despite the fact that it's a bit old (2012).
+AD4 Jonathan, Kevin Closson and Tim Hall are likely the only oakies for whom
+AD4 I have a lot of time and respect. But only when they are not +ACI-selling
+AD4 Oracle+ACI - or fake science.
+AD4 As for Tom Kyte, at least he had the decency of bowing out when he found
+AD4 his YT channel named +ACI-OracleDBVision+ACI had an exact copy of my company's
+AD4 name (created in 1989 and still going+ACE). Still, I really hope his
+AD4 health hasn't suffered from excessive exposure to cosmic rays due to his
+AD4 frequent and long flying hours.
+AD4 Yup, those rays exist and are lethal+ACE Main reason why jet liner pilots
+AD4 have a limited pro lifespan, although not a single airline company will
+AD4 ever admit to that very simple (scientific? +ADs) ) truth+ACE
+AD4 Hang in there - this too shall pass and some sense will come back to the
+AD4 database universe. Be that with Oracle or something else, irrelevant.

Well, Oracle is treading a well trodden path: technological visionaries like Ken Jacobs, Cary Millsap, Anjo Kolk and Richard Barker build the company, only to have marketing types and bean counters take over and mess it up. Oracle is not the first and will likely not be the last company that went that way. I have made a decent living of Oracle for a number of years, but the time has come to part the ways. I wish them all the luck in the world, but I no longer root for them. My allegiance is with my customers, not with Oracle.

Mladen Gogala
The Database Whisperer
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