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+AD4 Why use Oracle In-Memory database from another perspective A lot of
+AD4 people are talking about why or why not use Oracle In-memory database in
+AD4 their applications and most of them are too focused on the size of the
+AD4 database or whether it is an OLAP application. It seems that small and
+AD4 medium size databases are not suitable for using Oracle In-memory
+AD4 database option. But if your OLTP databases are suffering from
+AD4 performance bottleneck and you are looking for solutions, I think Oracle
+AD4 In-Memory database option should be on your solutions list, especially
+AD4 when you are planning to upgrade your hardware.

In-memory extension is a beautiful thing, but Oracle charges an outrageous price for it. The same thing is available at much lower cost from both Microsoft and IBM. Actually, IBM was to first to come up with that. BLU Acceleration preceded Oracle in-memory for about a year. Even open source database MariaDB has an in-memory option available:

So, +ACQ-11K per CPU thread is far too much to pay, at least in my opinion. Be it handy as it may, the same thing is available from other vendors for much less money. That is the reason why not many people are talking about it. You can get the same thing by buyin SQL Server 2016, for much less money. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like MS is going to deliver on its promise to make SQL Server available on Linux in 2017.

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