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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 22:38:15 +1000
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On 27/07/2017 6:14 _at_wiz, TheBoss wrote:


> Oh, wow! I wish I could have joint such ameeting, if only to have him
> sign my copy of his "An Introduction to Database Systems" (1st ed, 1975)
> that taught me the basics of the relational model and SQL as it was used
> in the development of System R.

Same here. I could not believe when only 6 Oracle folks showed up! Fortunately, we quickly made up the numbers with the MSSQL guys who apparently use a shirty product but know their RDBMS history better than any others.

> Must be the same guy that came up with the following as the last of
> three main principles to keep in mind for MongoDB query performance:


> For those that can't wait to see the other two principles:
> queries

That one.

And of course: Tom Kyte, who for quite a while ran a youTube channel called "Oracle DBVision", totally oblivious (really? right...) that is the name of the company I founded in the end of 1989 and is still going. A lot of bastards inside the Oracle group of "experts" have tried over the years to snatch the name, without once acknowledging who invented it. Just to piss them off, I'm keeping the company going even though I don't do consulting anymore! :)))

Hey, I can be a bastard as well and I don't even need to be an Ace! Even though they invited me twice to become one and I flat refused. ;)

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