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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 21:26:04 +1000
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[Quoted] On 24/07/2017 6:44 _at_wiz, Mladen Gogala wrote:

> I am confused by the intensity of the spam campaign. It obviously cannot
> produce any results, yet it continues unabated. It looks like someone is
> doing his very best to extinguish this group. I have a very good idea who
> that might be, but I don't have a shred of evidence.

[Quoted] Don't bother, it's an Oracle bot. It's been openly admitted already in a few other places that the intention is to finish this newsgroup once and for all.
If nothing else, to make sure that only "approved" posts get seen.

> other Oracle forums are also becoming boring. It looks like Oracle is no
> longer able to provoke minds and interesting discussions, in general.

[Quoted] Tell me about it. I totally gave up when in December 2014 I was able to organize a talk - for free! - from none other than Chris Date at the DBA user group I was helping to run here in Sydney.

36 folk registered and wrote to thank me for organizing such a great meetup. 6 showed up on the day. I walked to the MSSQL UG meeting next door and asked if they wanted to join us. They could not believe it was Chris Date speaking and filled the room in no time!

[Quoted] With this sort of "interest" by the users and not a single word of encouragement or ANY help from Oracle for the 6 years I helped run that group, should I care anymore?

But I'm constantly told that the only people that can run shows are the ones granted ACE status by Oracle (which is a LIE: Oracle does not grant ACEdom, other Aces do and propose folks for it!).

Did that stop someone from Oracle dumping on me at the Oracle Code seminar here last week that I should not "bad mouth" "Aces" even though I never did?
I have ALWAYS bad mouthed the concept. Never the people.

This despite a well known Ace and book author who is now tweeting almost every day about Mongo DB and has yesterday published a page where he recommends "folks design data structures that avoid joins so that Mongo DB can handle the data more efficiently". Effing UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE!

[Quoted] Let alone the multitude of other Aces who have left Oracle in the last 24 months and are now actively promoting competitive products.

As usual, not a single word about it from those who claim I "bad mouth" Aces...

But with Aces like that, I agree: why the hell bother about this company and its RDBMS product?

Ah well, of course it's the fault of the "bad dbas". Who else?
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