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From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2016 03:13:30 -0000 (UTC)
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On Wed, 21 Dec 2016 20:23:17 +1100, Noons wrote:

> On 17/12/2016 3:26 _at_wiz, Mladen Gogala wrote:
>> At the same time, the relevant information is getting more and more scant

>> and hard to find. Oracle is getting more and more closed every day.

> I hear the Oracle-L "damagement" desperately asked you to rejoin.
> Amazing how honest they are, isn't it? One moment they want everyone
> not toeing the line out, the next they all change their opinion once
> Nuno has left. Wonders will never cease! :)
> Ah well, it's all part of making information available to everyone
> provided that does not include "recalcitrants". As if...
> Good thing the original author of the thing is now out of Oracle: it
> might change their direction. Or rather make it worse. Too soon to

[Quoted] I rejoined, that is true, but my activity is very much toned down. The plain truth is that the list is no longer very interesting. I am not towing the line and I never will. My impression from the list is that Oracle is trying to turn itself into a church, from being a corporation. They are treating the dissenters like heretics.

[Quoted] Nobody from the list's early days is active any more. Even Jonathan, for [Quoted] whom I have all the respect in the world, has very much toned down his [Quoted] activity on the list. The big news is that the activity on the list will count as a good deed from Oracle ACE directors. I can assure you of one thing: I will never become an Oracle ACE. The reason is very simple: Oracle ACE title is, basically, a title of an auxiliary Oracle sales person, sales militia, if you want. If I will be selling Oracle, I want to get paid.
[Quoted] The reason for my rejoining was to give an appropriate farewell to Steve Adams. The mission is now accomplished and I no longer care about the list. Steve has ruined it, for everybody. Current "leading members" are continuing his good work.
[Quoted] Unfortunately, I don't think that Oracle itself is very interesting any longer. That is the reason why the list is dying and why this group is dying.

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