Re: The black box approach

From: Noons <>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2016 23:04:47 +1100
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On 17/12/2016 3:26 _at_wiz, Mladen Gogala wrote:

> single block is being read.
> I am wondering whether it's time to take the "black box approach" and use
> just the automatic tuning tools. The whole thing is overwhelming and to
> master it takes years. And when you do, it all goes invalid with the new,
> even more complex version.
> At the same time, the relevant information is getting more and more scant
> and hard to find. Oracle is getting more and more closed every day.

I must admit my experience with the adaptive plan option in 12c has been positive so far.

I had a problem application (J2EE, of course!) which refused to cooperate on the many tuning attempts. Since moving it to 12c, it's been behaving really well. Nothing fantastic but at least the plans stabilized and the overall performance - although far from optimal - has been quite acceptable.
I blame it on the adaptive CBO and its ability to tame weird and stupidly coded SQL.

Still have to move Oracle's own code to 12c - we got Peoplesoft, Hyperion and JDE to move plus the DW.
Shouldn't be a problem but I won't know for sure until mid next year when the lot will all be (hopefully) in 12c.

I agree entirely: the whole shebang has become so complex and intertwined that the only way to tame it is to let it sort itself out! As to the closeness, I alerted to it years ago. Only to be smirked at by everyone else in Oracle-L and a few other places. Ah well, who cares? Not me, nearly retired!... :) Received on Sat Dec 17 2016 - 13:04:47 CET

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