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Date: Mon, 23 May 2016 13:09:25 -0700 (PDT)
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On Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 2:21:52 AM UTC-7, Noons wrote:
> On 12/05/2016 1:14 _at_wiz, Mladen Gogala wrote:
> >> Like you, I wish Tanel all the best with his new company. Not sure what
> >> it does but likely not very important to my circles.
> >
> > Actually, it does look interesting:
> > ************************************************************************
> > Offload
> > Gluent Offload Engine automates offloading data from enterprise databases
> > to Hadoop. You can have an up-to-date copy of your data, in a familiar
> > data model, ready for analytics in the powerful ecosystem of Hadoop.
> > ************************************************************************
> Interesting! Thanks for that, good to know. Looks like they use a redo
> log read mechanism along the same lines as Delphix and likely inspired
> by Goldengate. Only way to ensure synch without internals and shared
> memory peeking.
> > Hadoop is just one of the "Big Data" technologies spawned by exorbitant
> > prices of Oracle RDBMS.
> We been looking at the whole Hortonworks stack and it looks very good.
> But the problem with all these BigData products is always the same: they
> require a fully dedicated person who ends up being the only one who can
> mine and extract data. Mostly because of the absence of any schema
> metadata. While with relational dbs anyone with basic knowledge of SQL
> can pop-down and start producing consistent reports and logic in a very
> short time.
> Yes, we're back to the bad old days of hierarchical and network db data
> lockdown...
> > I have recently participated in a rather interesting project of replacing
> > CLOB entries in Oracle by documents in MongoDB. The trick was to make the
> > stuff searchable and there is an excellent open source search engine
> > called Sphinx, that I've used. Basically, the CLOB in Oracle started
> > consuming a huge amount of database space and Oracle suggested advanced
> > compression and deduplication to deal with that. MongoDB was much cheaper
> > option and Sphinx can do text search with the best of them. Web interface
> > was written in PHP.
> Cool! Thanks for sharing that - it's quite relevant to us as well. CLOBs
> - and LOBs in general - are the Achilles Heel of Oracle. High time
> Oracle development got the clear message to fix the blessed things and
> make *LOBs truly usable instead of a source of easy consultant contract
> work to clean-up/re-organize/control/manage.
> But unfortunately - and this is IMHO one of the abysmal failures of the
> entire ACE program - they totally ignored user and ACE feedback on
> possible improvements and directions for the product. I know from
> talking with various ACEDs they asked for a lot of improvements over the
> years which never got the light of day. Most unfortunate.
> Ah well, I'm quite sure Larry's announcement on the 1st June is going to
> change the entire cloud.
> Or something... :P

Interesting discussion guys. I was offline for a while, then working from home, and took the opportunity to just vacay from cdos spam and the other fora. I figure (with no actual knowledge) that the new company must have some core customers that had a generalizable need for data management.

I can surely understand how you feel about the various fora and wish I could come up with a fix. The neighborhood pub or social club doesn't seem to translate online very well - they inevitably get cliquish. This has been true since dial-up days, though some have avoided it longer than others.

[Quoted] I think a lot of people can appreciate your humor, Mladen, but in the open view of all the other people who don't and would consider it trollish, I can see why Jonathan might scratch that pad. <ouch, sorry> Not so much censorship as a troll sanitary pad.


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