Re: Help: restore a table to different point in the past

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2016 05:03:11 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>

On Fri, 22 Apr 2016 06:18:33 -0700, dshproperty wrote:

> I tried to create a standby database from the old backup without
> connecting to the live database, hoping that i can do a incomplete
> recover and open read only, then recover to next time. The standby
> database creation was successful, but i cannot open it for reading, it
> complains the system file is not from old enough backup and needs more
> recover.

Why would you do a standby DB? You can do duplicate DB from a backup, without connection to the original. You can also skip unnecessary tablespaces.

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