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From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 05:24:59 +0000 (UTC)
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On Sat, 21 Mar 2015 14:31:28 +1100, Noons wrote:

> On 21/03/2015 1:49 AM, Mladen Gogala wrote:

>> The goal of this whole circus is to create a group of "certified
>> consultants" which will also tow the company line. By the "company", I
>> mean "Oracle Corp."

> Yup. I said that here and in a few other places nearly 15 years ago and
> totally disconnected myself from that lot. Pythian for a while looked
> like it was different and I helped their cause for 6 years. Now? Same
> old, same old.

Well, you have to understand them: Oracle Corp. is doling out the internal technical information only to those deemed worthy of it. That's the real meaning of the "Oracle ACE and certified Oracle Master" title. Those who don't tow the line will be cut off from the internal sources of information. And no consulting company can afford that, not Enkitec, not Pythian. I have seen such behavior before, with DEC.

> Mostly because I value my profession and my professional standing and I
> shall not descend to the level of what passes for professionalism in the
> Oracle community.

It's not only professional dignity, it's a matter of principle. I will tow the company line if I am paid for that by the company, but not if I am coerced into that. I don't allow myself to be coerced. Bought off yes, coerced - no.

> > Any attempt to question anything done by the sacred

>> cows provokes hysterical reactions.

> Mad cow disease is contagious, you know...

Yes, it is. It sounds harsh but there really is some truth in that comparison. The people who are given internal information by Oracle Corp. are pretending to be "computer scientists". They are not scientists, they are engineers and consultants. The only person who does do real research is Jonathan Lewis. He does do a marvelous work on the quirks of the optimizer. I think that Jonathan Lewis himself should be recognized as a person who discovered many optimizer bugs and quirks and helped make the optimizer better. The others mostly pretend to be "computer scientists". That is why there was such a horrible outcry when I dared to point out that the video made by one of the sacred cows is actually bad and boring. The funny thing is that those people actually believe that they are computer scientists.

> > I am not paid by Oracle Corp. or

>> Enkitec and see no reason to tow the company line.

> I was paid by Oracle. In fact, Oracle Australia exists nowadays because
> of 6 people (I was one of them) who started it from nothing and in 4
> years turned it into a $100M concern.
> Since then and just like any other large company run by slave traders -
> yes, I KNOW WHO I'm talking about! - it became just another den of
> competent arse-kissers.

Well, I too used to work for Oracle Corp. in former Yugoslavia, at the end of its existence. As a matter of fact, I was the first person in what is today known as EMEA region to be certified to teach Oracle 6 internals. I was teaching VMS the person who was the director of Technical Support in Croatia for years.

Oracle Corp. is a corporation. The only goal of a corporation is to make money for its shareholders. The more money they can make, the better. And why not try to get me to pay for the OCP and "certified master" certification if they can? Have you noticed sudden abundance of "certified masters"? There must be more than 1000 of them. Training of one master costs $5000. You do the math. That is only natural. After all, consulting a very big market globally and it would be a lucrative deal to make any consultant who wants to prosper pay his or her share or, at least, tow the company line and act as an unpaid sales person.

And so is my reaction: I diversified. There are enough opportunities out there and, thanks to Oracle pricing, the feelings toward Oracle Corp. and their accompanying "scientists" who ask for $300/hr are not all positive. This type of behavior may not be the last thing reminiscent of DEC that we will see.

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