Re: Redgate Video about incremental X-plaform backup

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Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 16:28:45 -0700 (PDT)
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This thing actually got started from Oracle-L and Mladen also replicated it here in CDOS.

Just checking - did you read the original Oracle-L thread where Mladen's flame started from? He called someone else's work (a video) "completely useless" in the public forum, followed by more ranting with similar tone.

I had reflected Mladen's own words "completely useless" back to him and this got him going. I don't time for this kind of stuff, but also I can't stand someone thinking that they're better than all the rest of us and get away with such patronizing comments.

The fact that Mladen has had to pull in all kinds of other labels and details instead of talking about his comments (like wild theories about corporate links and Star Trek Borgs) to me shows that he himself feels he's not right about the core topic at hand and needs to muddy the waters.

I also am having a private email discussion with Mladen about this. I still hope that some day we all can have a beer and laugh about it, but it ain't happening before he apologizes for his patronizing comments (not to me, by the way).

I won't be posting more comments on this topic here.


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> It is always a bit jarring to hear someone like Tanel who normally is so level headed throw out a slap on cdos. That community seems to be getting even more insular and insufferable.
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