Redgate Video about incremental X-plaform backup

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 20:44:54 +0000 (UTC)
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I have recently watched a horrific and completely useless video about incremental cross platform backup. The video lasts hour and 14 minutes. The first 5 minutes is expected commercial for Redgate and Enkitec, much more boring than something like "what's between my Redgate and me" version of the famous Brooke Shields commercial. This commercial was read by a guy with heavy London accent, probably a recent graduate of a Lullaby Academy.

Then Martin Bach takes over and starts from Adam and Eve. He continues with the commercial for Enkitec and himself. He is certified master, Oracle Ace and blogger.

After that, almost 10 minutes into the video, he starts about Unix and Linux and big-endian and little-endian, managing to mention Gulliver's Travels. Forty five minutes into the video, there was still nothing about cross platform incremental backups. You also learn that SPARC market share is on the rise, but not backed up by any numbers. Also mentioned is that Opteron and AMD are vanishing, also without numbers. Basically, it was "how I see the computing world" in a really monotone tone of voice. For the masochists, the video, in all of its glory, is available here:

You'll even hear pearls of wisdom like "don't be afraid of the penguin". To make one thing clear, I have the utmost respect for Martin Bach, he's a very knowledgeable Oracle professional.However, this particular video is a disaster.

The video which talks about the question of life, universe and everything before even touching the subject, is an unmitigated disaster. In the 34th minute, you will hear that this process is not supported unless you're migrating to Exadata. That's what I call a timely warning. Fortunately, this is no longer true, as you can see in the document MOS 1389592.1

Touchy characters, obviously devoted to political correctness, decided to react by sending personal insults to me. I was surprised that Tanel Poder was one of them. I have never had any problems with him, until now, and he decided that he needs to react to the word "useless". That's what I call a devotion to colleagues.

I wonder whether there is a corporate link between Redgate and Accenture? For those who don't know, Accenture is the surviving part of the infamous Andersen Consulting, which some of you may remember from the Enron scandal. Essentially, Andersen was cooking the books for Enron.

At any rate, learning by experience, I didn't want to tempt yet another moderator of the oracle-l to block me.

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