Re: Agile methodologies.

From: Noons <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 20:29:05 +1100
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On 25/11/2014 2:10 AM, ddf wrote:

>> Try to get involved in a JDEdwards project - an Oracle own product -
>> where ALL tables get GRANT ALL TO PUBLIC by default, during the initial
>> install.
>> I was nearly fired when I objected and refused to run it like that.
>> What's worse: it's Oracle themselves, sanctioning this state of affairs!
>> That's the kind of "expertise" that now frequents that company and is
>> responsible for their own products...
> It's not just the applications, this mindset permeates Oracle OCS and ACS as well. I can't actually say what we experienced; let's just say it was ... errr ... different from what I would have expected from the last go-round with Oracle ACS.

And this is the company that is trying to prove to our management that their "cloud"aaS solution is "safe" because it is run by their "experts". Yeah!
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