Re: MYSQL Error 2013 load infile 15mln rec 6gb CSV

From: Noons <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 18:21:00 +1100
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On 27/10/2014 7:47 AM, Mladen Gogala wrote:

> cheaper. What remains to be seen is whether IBM marketing will be
> successful. So far, they haven't shown too much promise.

Indeed, that is a big problem at IBM.
If Oracle's marketing is a disaster, IBM's db2 marketing is a deluge of incompetence...

> Well CDB/PDB and God knows which incarnation of "in-memory" stuff are a
> direct consequence of DB2 aggressive pricing.

Yeah but at the prices Oracle are selling those, they gotta be joking!

> AWR is something that
> should have been given for free, since it is a direct development of
> Statspack. The only advantage of AWR over statspack is the ability to
> present results in HTML. I was writing an HTML version of Statspack
> report, that could be invoked from Apache, using PHP, but then I opted
> for a job of consultant and had no time for the project. I still may
> finish it, one nice day.

I just use Mumbai. It does both AWR *and* Statspack plus ASH and a lot more. Something the incompetents at Oracle seem totally incapable of doing in a single tool!

 > Charging for performance tuning and diagnostic
> is just wrong, in my opinion.

Too true.

> The real world discussions weren't too different. The next fad was "agile
> methodology". Everyone wanted to be "agile":

Yegawds, don't get me started on that one!...

> I once
> caused consternation by comparing cloud methodology to the "business" in
> the rest room: you go to the rest room, you produce dump and stage it in
> the local facility, them flush the local facility and transport it to the
> cloud. Point was that "cloud language" can be used to describe anything.

And you were not far from reality. So far, all I've seen from "cloud" is exactly that: shite. The few cloud services we have now are incredibly unreliable and s-l-o-w!...

> The idea is that if the company uses COTS software and puts it "into the
> cloud", that will drastically reduce their need for expensive IT
> personnel, especially for Larry's favorite bunch of people: DBA
> personnel.

Ah yes, because cloud services are free, of course! It's amazing how "savings" are never compared with true costs. We had some luminaries coming in last year telling us how much cheaper everything would be if we "moved all to the cloud". When the chips finally hit the ground, it turned out we would save 10% of our IT budget by adopting their cloud. And no one has told us yet how much more it'd cost to provide the same backup/restore and DR services that we already provide now, with the same budget.
Yeah, some "savings"!...

> That's why hard core IT professionals are such an enemy of every large
> computer corporation. We keep things real. We are the ones who can tell
> that the emperor has no clothes and are, just like in the tale, being
> hated for that.

Chris Date is giving our meetup group here in Sydney a presentation in December.
You would NOT believe how many times I had to explain who he is to local "experts" and "community advocates" and "marketeers"... Received on Mon Oct 27 2014 - 08:21:00 CET

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