Deprecated features in 12c

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 22:07:49 +0000 (UTC)
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I have to confess that I expected 12c to use DBMS_SCHEDULER for materialized views. However, Oracle 12c is still using the same old DBMS_JOB stuff from Oracle 9i:

  1 create materialized view emp_t
  2 refresh start with sysdate next sysdate + 1/24   3* as select * from emp
SQL> /   1* select schema_user,job,what from dba_jobs SQL> / SCHEMA_USER JOB WHAT

----------- ---------- ---------------------------------------------
SCOTT		     1 dbms_refresh.refresh('"SCOTT"."EMP_T"');

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SQL> Also, DBMS_JOBS is not just emulated by DBMS_SCHEDULER, since DBA_JOBS isn't a subset of DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS:

SQL> select owner,job_name from dba_scheduler_jobs where owner='SCOTT';

no rows selected

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In Oracle 12c we still have the schizophrenic with two job mechanisms. Of course, the manual says that DBMS_JOB is deprecated, but Oracle itself still uses it, which means that it is sort of not deprecated after all. The same thing applies to the type "LONG":

select owner,table_name,column_name
from dba_tab_Columns
where data_type='LONG'

In out of the box database, the result yields 259 tables. In out of the box Oracle database, the number of the columns of the type LONG is 249. So not only is LONG not going away, the new tables with the type long are being added to the data dictionary.

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