What to do (or not to do) about SPAM (was: Re: 2014 Collection Of Solution Manuals & Test Banks. More Than 15,000 Titles)

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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 22:07:18 +0100
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Am 28.01.2014 19:40, schrieb ddf:
> On Monday, January 27, 2014 12:41:41 PM UTC-7, motm..._at_gmail.com wrote:
>> Business Statistics, 8th Edition 2011, Groebner, Shannon, Fry, Smith, Solutions Manual
> No, no, no, a thousand times, NO!!! This is not the place to ask for such materials, period, as it's an Oracle database newsgroup, NOT Craig's List or eBay or any other outlet (many of ill repute) offering such 'merchandise'.
> You're better off actually doing your homework rather than trying to expend that effort looking for a way to cheat.


although I have to state that I really have respect for your (and Joel's and Mladen's and everybody else's) determination and insistence in writing something up against this annoying flood of spam which the c.d.o. groups have been facing recently, I also feel obliged to say that what you are doing is kind of counterproductive and does not help at all. It's a fight against windmills.

First of all you must realize that it's absolutely useless to answer to spam posts, or to answer on answers to spam posts (like this ;-)) because for spammers, usenet is a write-only medium. Spammers just dump their garbage here, and never ever read the groups they are spamming. And even if they did, they would not care a little bit - they are spammers, after all.

So please stop doing that, would you? Because answers to spam are kind of spam, too (mine exluded, of course ;-) They are actually doing harm to some users, like me, because I'm using a news server which, like some of its peers obviously have some quite good spam filtering / cancel bots in place. I only took notice of some/most of last months' spam because of your answers - in some cases, the OP didn't appear at all on my news server.

The only thing which would eventually help in some minor number of cases would be to analyse the headers, track down the path and then to write a complaint/abuse mail to the originating IPs net block owner / ISP. However, is it worth the effort and time? Of course not.

The only practical way to deal with spam is (unless you are a news server operator) is to just totally ignore it. Never read it, never answer to it, filter it away whereever possible. You can't fight it, anyhow - you can't win. Spammer just don't care.

Answers just annoy other readers like me who would like to only follow and (seldomly in my case) contribute to interesting on-topic discussions on Oracle, because answers keep a totally obsolete thread active. Just ignore spam and you'll feel better!

Thanks for your understanding and consideration of my suggestion.

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