Re: problems of reports format on dot matrix printer

From: Robert Klemme <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 21:38:38 +0200
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> Operating System:Windows
> Tool:Adobe

Adobe is not a tool but a vendor.

> Client:Window(USERS)
> Server :Linux
> *WLS(web logic server include Form builder,report builder,form and
> report converter) is used to make forms and reports compatible with
> windows..
> Problem we facing:After Fully Migration from 6i to 11g ,the reports we made and attempting to print over dot matrix printer its unable to print such as::
> 1)report partially showing.
> 2)Alignment missing.
> 3)PDF font and size not visible clearly(FIXED,12 we using in WLS) earlier in 6i it was Courier and size was 10.
> 4)format changed to HTML ,clearity somewhat visible but reports showing partially

So are you building reports with WLS? I don't see then how a change in database version will change the report format: I'd assume that would be defined in WLS toolchain which would only issue queries on the database, wouldn't it? For that the version of Oracle would be quite unimportant.   Otherwise: what else did you change beyond the database version?



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