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From: Jeremy <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 17:35:41 +0100
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11gR2 - have looked at the docs and see that we cannot do within a trigger (assume based on a table called mytab) something like

l_rec mytab%rowtype;


  l_rec := :new;


What we wanted to do was to pass the whole row to a plsql procedure whose definition was e.g.

procedure myproc (p_rec in mytab%rowtype) is

I realise this is not possible and that we would need to assign all the variables explicitly e.g.

  l_rec.col1 := :new.col1;
  l_rec.col2 := :new.col2;

Tedious for 120 column tables and repeating similar code for a dozen or so tables.

Anyone come across similar requirement and is there any more codingefficient  method?

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