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Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 07:17:22 -0700 (PDT)
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I have some XML stored in a PLSQL variable of XMLType:

        <Language FormalName="en"/>
        <Property FormalName="PublicCompany" Vocabulary="urn:newsml:comtexnews.net:20010201:DomesticPublicCompanies:1">

<Property FormalName="CompanyName" Value="Stanley Black &amp; Decker"/>
<Property FormalName="StockSymbol" Value="SWK"/>
<Property FormalName="StockExchange" Value="New York"/>
<Property FormalName="SICCode" Value="3545"/>
<Property FormalName="CUSIP" Value="854101"/>
<Property FormalName="SEDOL" Value="B3Q2FJ4"/>
<Property FormalName="ISINNumber" Value="US85021011"/>
<Property FormalName="MarketStatus" Value="ACTV"/>
<Property FormalName="SecurityType" Value="Common Stock"/>
<Property FormalName="Country" Value="UNITED STATES"/>
<Property FormalName="IndustryGroup" Value="Hand/Machine Tools"/>
<Property FormalName="IndustrySubGroup" Value="Tools-Hand Held"/>
<Property FormalName="IndustrySector" Value="Industrial"/>
</Property> </DescriptiveMetadata>

I am looking to get the StockSymbol value: SWK. I tried this but it gets me everything:


I only want to get it when the FormalName = 'StockSymbol'. I'm doing this in PL/SQL. I'm having trouble getting any code to work on extracting the value I want.

Can anyone help?

Thanks! Received on Thu Aug 08 2013 - 16:17:22 CEST

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