Re: Oracle 12c Cannot be installed on F18

From: Peter Schneider <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2013 00:47:24 +0200
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Am 29.06.2013 19:28, schrieb Mladen Gogala: [...]
> And now, I have another reason for running Fedora: CentOS doesn't have a
> version of evolution which supports EWS (Exchange Web Services) which
> means that would have to use web mail again.
> I gave CentOS another look, just to see whether I should use it as my
> basic distro and there are several things missing: perl-5.16 (can be
> obtained from Activestate), PHP-5.4 (can be built locally) and
> evolution-ews, which I cannot replace. However, the fact that Fedora is
> now just a container distro, used for running VirtualBox, opens the field
> a bit, since I can also use Ubuntu 13.04. Fedora is really starting to
> get on my nerves with its installer, lack of configuration possibilities
> (grub2,systemctl) and updates which occasionally sc*w up my X11 system
> because the kernel updates are released without the accompanying NVIDIA
> module.

For all of my Oracle playground installations, I now only use CentOS 6.4; it's just rock solid and the advantage is that you just can go ahead according to the Oracle installation instructions for RHEL . I also use CentOS as a host as well as a guest for Oracle Virtualbox, and it runs without a glitch.

As far as the NVIDIA driver is concerned, I never tried using NV kernel modules from ElRepo, but instead I just install dkms (from EPEL), and use the original NVIDIA Linux driver installer downloadable from their website. Since 310.something, it works well together with dkms, i.e. when you install a new kernel version, a matching driver kernel module is rebuilt automatically.

I look at Linux Mint with MATE from time to time, and I like it, and I tend to have a recent version of Fedora at least in a VM to keep up with whatever new functionality is ahead. But generally, I must say that I don't like the direction desktop Linux distros are taking. E.g. KDE 3.5 was fine, but KDE 4.x is another story. I dislike it just because of reasons of taste, but I think it is the least annoying desktop around currently. Ubuntu with Unity is just a mess, and Gnome 3 is IMHO, from a usability POV, a complete disaster (as is Win8). So on all of Linux boxes as well as on my laptop, I think I will enjoy CentOS 6 with Gnome 2 till the end of support and I hope that in the meantime, all this desktop crazyness will just go away.


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