Help with ORA-01000 Error

From: StrangeCat_at_Work <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:29:10 +0200
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Hi everyone,

we have to convert a fairly big application suite to use Oracle instead of SQL Server but we do not have much experience on the latter.

After testing our app for some time we optimized all queries to use Oracle and now everything runs as expected. After all, apart being very big, its just a lot of INSERTS, UPDATES and DELETES, nothing complicated...

We encountered problems with a small utility we use to build the schema and to load some "semi-static" data in tables.

Creating the schema (tables, constraints, indexes, sequences and some very simple triggers) forced us to raise the maximum open cursors to 1500 on our test box, this solved the problem. I read that the default for max open cursors is quite low so I thought that on the client production server I wouldnt have had this problem, and i was right.

The problem arised trying to insert all the data via a script that would launch around 1500 INSERTS, this wouldnt run and return the ORA-01000 Error...

I read some docs on how to optimize this but found no logical solution...

If I dont have access to Oracle instance parameters the only way looks to be splitting that long script in smaller ones and open and close the connection each time... Ugly but should work...

We use dotnet 2.0 with OleDB (cannot move to Oracle Manged providers right now...).

Any idea/comment highly appreciated.

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